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Owner/farmer at Heather Ridge Farm


Jun. 13, 2013
Hi,We will be open both Saturday and Sunday (June 15 & 16) from 11am -- 3pm.  Lots of fresh chicken, including large parts!  And fresh lamb cuts.  We also just got back an order from the smokehouse of pepperoni, summer sausage and all beef hot dogs... Read more
Jun. 6, 2013
Hi,We are open both Saturday and Sunday, for 11am-3pm, with both fresh lamb, and fresh chicken in the cooler!  All cuts of lamb and some mutton, too.  There will be whole chickens, and lots of chicken parts.CSA Subscribers and Reserved Chickens:This... Read more
May. 29, 2013
Hi,A warm sunny weekend predicted ahead!  The umbrellas will be up at the picnic tables! The garden flowers are in bloom and the mountain view is lush and green! Come enjoy lunch at the Bees Knees Cafe!There will be fresh chicken in the cooler.  We are... Read more
May. 22, 2013
Hi,Join us to make this the best and most fun season yet! The Bees Knees Cafe reopens for the 5th summer season.  We will be open from 11am to 3pm both Saturday and Sunday starting this weekend and through Columbus Day weekend.  Reservations are... Read more
May. 17, 2013
Hi,Start your grill season with some beef kabobs from the sirloin tip, and NY strip steaks on special!  For this Saturday, and next weekend, Beef Kabobs (normally $8.50/pound) are the special price of $7/lb.  NY Strip Steaks, specially priced at $13/lb... Read more
May. 9, 2013
Hi,The next two Saturdays,  May 11 & May 18, are the last two weekends of the "Soup Kitchen," before the Bees Knees Cafe reopens for our 5th season!  Come and enjoy our no-fuss, help-yourself setup, and delicious lunch!This week, May 11, the store... Read more
Apr. 24, 2013
Warmed maple syrup for your pancakes! Hi,It was so much fun last month celebrating the maple syrup harvest, we are doing it again.  The sap flow and boiling is over, lines are being cleaned and equipment put away for next year.  It's surely spring now! ... Read more
Apr. 18, 2013
Hi,Out neighbor Lora took this photo of the first lambs of the season, and e-mailed it to me before I even got to the barn this morning!  Two adorable Icelandic ram lambs. Momma did a great job.  We're in it now ... let's see what tomorrow brings!April... Read more
Apr. 12, 2013
Hi,Shearing Day went very well!  Many visitors stopped in at the barn. I was happy that the sheep health checks were great ... they are in good shape for lambing, which should start next week.  And we have lots of raw fleece for your spinners and weavers... Read more
Mar. 29, 2013
Hi,We had an enthusiastic turnout for the Maple Syrup Breakfast Buffet, and lots of people who couldn't make it asking us to do it again.  So we will! We plan to schedule another breakfast buffet in April, after the sap run is over and the Cook's have... Read more
Mar. 14, 2013
Hi,Order immediately if you want to pick up one of our fabulous grassfed farm-brined corned beefs Saturday, March 16th, for your St. Patrick's Day feast! No nitrites, no preservatives, just savory, tender corned beef!  Comes with cooking instructions. ... Read more
Mar. 8, 2013
Hi,Corned Beef!St. Patrick's Day, when everyone is Irish, is less than two weeks away.  Time to order your corned beef!  We will brine the size beef you want to order, but you must get the order in soon to have it brined in time!  Your choice of... Read more
Feb. 28, 2013
Hi,We're going to have a March Madness Meat Box!  Choose your own selection of our frozen beef, pork, lamb and chicken cuts.  Mix them up!  Customize your own box! Make up a box valued around $120 and pay $100 for it!  Basically we'll take 15% off your... Read more
Feb. 22, 2013
Hi,This Saturday, February 23, John will lead a tour of our farm animals in their winter quarters.  Sheep, goats, llamas, alpaca, donkey, laying hens, guinea hens and geese!  John will ferry you to the barn and the winter yard in the back of our pickup... Read more
Feb. 15, 2013
Hi,We plan on making Turkey Sausage on Thursday, so come and get it!  We'll offer some fresh for your immediate use, and freeze the rest. Open 11am-3pm, every Saturday.February Ben Franklin Chicken Box SpecialJust this weekend and next for you to get our... Read more
Jan. 31, 2013
Hi,We'll be open this Saturday, Feb. 2 from 11am-3pm.  (And every Saturday except for blizzards!!)February Ben Franklin Chicken Box SpecialOur most popular annual winter special!  For one Ben Franklin, also known as a $100 bill, a "C note," you can get... Read more
Jan. 16, 2013
Hi,Farm Tour this Saturday! Meet at the Cafe at 11am. Farmer John will take you, sitting on bales of hay, in the back of our pickup truck to see the animals in their winter quarters.  Laying hens, geese, guinea fowl, goats, rams, ewes, lambs, kids,... Read more
Jan. 11, 2013
Hi,Fresh cuts of our own grassfed goat and lamb in the cooler.  Stew, ground, chops, shanks, and legs.  I've been collecting some goat meat recipes that I'll gladly share with you.We're also planning to make a new batch of Merguez, Moroccan-style lamb... Read more
Jan. 3, 2013
Hi,Here we are, 2013.  Hope you had a very lovely holiday!Sweet Italian and ChorizoWe'll have freshly made sausages, both Sweet Italian and Chorizo, in the cooler this weekend.  We are fully stocked withall our products and will continue to be open every... Read more
Dec. 28, 2012
Hi,The snow has started to fall. We're ready. Plenty of wood is stacked inside. The dogs and cats are stretched out around the stove.  Hope everyone fares well!Farm Tour!We'll be open Saturday, Dec. 29, from 11-3 as usual.  We plan a farm tour!  John... Read more