Order your Farm-brined Grassfed Corned Beef Now!

Corned Beef!
St. Patrick's Day, when everyone is Irish, is less than two weeks away.  Time to order your corned beef!  We will brine the size beef you want to order, but you must get the order in soon to have it brined in time!  Your choice of traditional brisket or leaner bottom round, $10/lb.  Celebrate with no nitrates or other preservatives in your corned beef!  Just great flavor and the health benefits of grassfed beef.

You can also order Irish Brown Bread ($9/loaf), Kim's Soda Bread ($7), honey mustard and honey truffles spiked with Bailey's liquor!  And don't forget the Irish Bangers.  We have everything but the cabbage!

March Madness continues! 

This is the most flexible monthly special ever! Save 15% on your selection of meat and poultry over $120.  If you spend $120, you get your items for $100. Your own custom meat and chicken box! Spend more than $120, and get 15% off on all of it.  This is for all cuts of frozen beef lamb, pork, goat and chicken. (Does not include sausage or bacon, sorry.) Just come to the store, and pick out your items.  If you want it shipped to you, give us a list, we'll put your order together, take off 15% and add the shipping cost.

This time of year we evaluate how the last year fared, and work on predictions of future expenses.  We usually increase some of our prices end of April for the next season.  Last year, we tried to hold most prices steady. No doubt, this year most prices will go up significantly! So this March Madness special may be the lowest prices you will ever see here.

Saugerties Farmer Market
This is the last of the winter markets, this Sunday, 12 noon to 4pm.  Contact us with your order and it will be there for you!  Corned beef? Order immediately!  Thinking ahead, if you want a leg of lamb or smoked ham for Easter, order it now and Christine will have it there for you.  No April market has been scheduled.

Coming up!
Sat., March 16 Get your Irish on! Corned Beef and more.
Sat., March 23 Maple Syrup Breakfast Buffet! Celebrate the first of the Cook Family syrup harvest!
Sat., March 30 Farm Tour
Sat. April 6 Sheep Shearing Day

Bees Knees Soup Kitchen
Italian Wedding Soup (the most requested soup!)
Oink and Moo Chili (gluten-free)
Corn Muffins
Levain Baguettes
Italian Apple Cake
Kim's Double Chocolate Brownies
Vanilla Ice Cream

Goose Missing and Found!
On Sunday, we couldn't find our white goose and its brown companion goose was desperately honking for it to return.  We didn't see any evidence of foul play, so we guessed that something chased it off.  The geese always head downhill and we searched until dark Sunday evening without luck.  Do you know how hard it is to spot a white goose in snow?

Monday morning we got a call from Lee Donalson in Bates Hollow that there was a big white goose in the open field across from his house since the day before.  That's one of the scenic open fields one can see from our store when you gaze out over the hollow to the mountains beyond.  As the crow, or goose, flies, it's probably close to a mile away.  But all downhill.  Thankfully, Lee called several people he thought might have a goose, including us. So glad he tracked us down. Our two geese are very happy to be reunited. Thank you, Lee!

Here they are, early this morning, patrolling around the pond as usual.