Fresh Goat and Lamb, Beef Box Special, CSA Sign Up!

Fresh cuts of our own grassfed goat and lamb in the cooler.  Stew, ground, chops, shanks, and legs.  I've been collecting some goat meat recipes that I'll gladly share with you.

We're also planning to make a new batch of Merguez, Moroccan-style lamb sausage in lamb casings (important if you don't eat pork), also available fresh in the cooler.  Delicious ... and the basis of one of the favorite dishes at the summer cafe.

This batch of lamb and goat meat was processed at the SUNY Cobleskill Meat Lab, in its special January butcher certificate class.  We love working with the college, and being part of training new butchers.  Eric Shelly, who runs the Meat Lab, is an excellent butcher, teacher and all round great guy, as well as Clint Layne, who also teaches in this class.  In January and June, when regular college semester classes are not in session, this four week class open to the public is scheduled.  The ten select spots are filled by a folks with variety of interests, ranging from farmers to NYC chefs to folks who want meat processing as a career.  Ellen, one of this past summer's interns here, is taking the course.  She got a taste of some processing while here, and really wants to incorporate those skills into her farm career. Terrific!

Beef Box or/and Mixed Meat Box!
I've had several requests for an all "Beef Box," in addition to the "Mixed Meat Box," so here it is!  For the month of January you have a choice, an all beef or mixed meat box ... over $100 value for $90.  You can order one or more, and pick it up any Saturday in January at our farm store, or at the Saugerties Farmers Market, open this Sunday, Jan. 13.

Beef Box:
Beef Stew
Ground Beef
Beef Pot Roast
2 Rib Eye steaks
Beef Crosscut Shanks

OR (your choice!)
Mixed Meat Box:
Beef Pot Roast
2 Rib Eye steaks
Beef Crosscut Shanks
Pork Sausage
4 Lamb Chops

Saugerties Farmers Market
Christine will be staffing our booth this Sunday, Jan. 13, noon to 4pm.  Be sure to get your orders in if you want something reserved for you!

The layers are responding to the increasing length of day light, and are increasing their egg production.  Already twice what it was three weeks ago.  Amazing!  You'll see eggs in our cooler again!

CSA Sign Up Time!
Now through the end of March is sign up for the CSA Subscription Box program. We offer a 5 month (June through October) and a 12 month program, starting in June.

Here are the subscription box choices:
Whole Chicken Box  (4-5 whole chickens, depending on size)
Chicken Parts Box (One whole chicken, assorted legs, wings and breasts)
Mixed Meat Box (assorted cuts of beef pork and lamb, cuts determined appropriate to the seasonal cooking)
Mixed Meat and Chicken Box (Two whole chickens and assorted cuts of meat, like ground beef, sausage and steaks)

Pick which box or boxes you want, and receive them monthly starting in June. They can be picked up here at our store, shipped to you for the cost of shipping UPS, or picked up at several other locations in the area, such as the Catskill Country Store in Catskill,
Stoneledge Farm CSA site in South Cairo, the Medusa General Store, and more.  I will be doing a separate e-mail next week with a more details and a sign-up form.

Winter Farm Tour, Saturday, January 19 starting at 11am.  Farmer John will shuttle you over to the winter yards and barn in the back of our pickup truck.  You will meet our goats, sheep, llamas, alpaca, donkey, laying hens, guinea fowl and geese in their winter homes.

Bees Knees Soup Kitchen
Red Russian Soup
   A hearty beefy borscht, almost a stew!  One of our most popular soups.
Oink and Moo Chili
Corn Muffins
Irish Brown Bread
Biscotti and Brownies
Hot Chai, Hot Cocoa, Fair-trade Organic Coffee, Tea, Milk

Christine led the Snowshoe Trek last week.  A smash success ... the crisp day was perfect, the clouds lifted as the trekkers traversed the top of the mountain and great views were revealed!  We'll watch the snow and weather conditions, and hopefully schedule another soon.