March Madness Meat Box & Taking Corned Beef Orders!

We're going to have a March Madness Meat Box!  Choose your own selection of our frozen beef, pork, lamb and chicken cuts.  Mix them up!  Customize your own box! Make up a box valued around $120 and pay $100 for it!  Basically we'll take 15% off your purchase of $120 or more of cuts of frozen meat and chicken.  March only!  (Prepared meats are excluded: sorry, no sausages, bacon, or corned beef in this deal.) 

Why do we offer these discounted meat and chicken boxes in the winter?  To offer a good deal to you, who continue to support us through the winter. Thank you. We are conscious that buying our products is an investment in your health as well as your cooking/eating pleasure, and cost more than conventional sources, We appreciate your commitment to us. We want to help your budget by offering discounts when we can. Our advantage is that we get to even out our inventory and help our cash flow the slower time of the year.  So these special discounted boxes are good for both of us. (Note that joining our CSA can help your food bottom line year-round. Join!)

Time to Order Corned Beef!
It's almost March, and time to plan all things Irish!  St. Patrick's Day is Sunday, March 17th, just two weeks from this coming weekend.

We take our grassfed beef and brine it to make the most delicious corned beef ...  with no added nitrates, no preservatives, no artificial colors or flavoring.  A Dubliner would say "It's brilliant!"

You can order it two ways.  The cut can be the traditional brisket, rich with streaks of fat, or a leaner bottom round.  Let me know which cut you want, what approximate size, when you plan to cook it and when you want to pick it up.  I will brine it to your order. You can pick it here next Saturday, March 9, or March 16, the day before St. Patrick's Day.  You can also pick it up Sunday, March 10 at the Saugerties Farmers Market. But I need your order soon!

You will get the brined cut of meat in a bag with extra brine to keep it until you are ready to cook it.  I add a packet of spices and cooking instructions for the final step.  $10/lb.

Order now!  Let me know. I need to start bringing (the meat should in the brine for at least a week before you cook it) and I'd appreciate knowing ASAP what you want. E-mail, call or come on by this Saturday to discuss your order!

We also will have our honey mustards available, the perfect compliment to the corned beef.  I love the "Dalkey" whole seed mustard with it!  You can order Irish brown bread from us or Kim's terrific soda bread. Don't forget some Irish bangers or honey chocolate truffles spiked with Bailey's to round out your Irish celebration.

Bees Knees Soup Kitchen
Saturday, March 2, 11am-3pm

'Welcome March' Chicken Soup (chicken in broth with carrots, greens and pasta
  (we will keep some soup without pasta if you want it gluten free)
Oink and Moo Chili (gluten free)
Corn Muffins
Levain Baguettes
Bee Hive Cake
Kim's Brownies
Ronnybrook Vanilla Ice Cream

March, the craziness month weather-wise, and when the farm season starts to kick up again for us!  Later this month, all the ewes will be sheared in preparation for lambing in April.  Meanwhile, they enjoy their glorious winter coats! (photo above)


Best, Carol

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