Farm Tour, Beef Box Special and Great News!

Farm Tour this Saturday! Meet at the Cafe at 11am. Farmer John will take you, sitting on bales of hay, in the back of our pickup truck to see the animals in their winter quarters.  Laying hens, geese, guinea fowl, goats, rams, ewes, lambs, kids, llamas, alpaca and donkey at the barn and at the winter yards!  Reservations, please!  Store and Cafe open 11am-3pm.

January Beef or Mixed Meat Box Special
Pick one up this weekend, January 19, or next, the 26th.  Over $100 of cuts of our grassfed meat for $90. Let us know which box you would like, and we'll have it ready for you.

Beef Box
Beef Stew
Ground Beef
Beef Pot Roast
2 Rib Eye Steaks
Beef Cross-cut Shanks

OR (your choice!)
Mixed Meat Box:

Beef Pot Roast
2 Rib Eye Steaks
Beef Cross-cut Shanks
Pork Sausage
4 Lamb Chops

Tuscan Sausage
We are planning to make our Tuscan pork sausage for this weekend ... sweet sundried tomatoes and Italian herbs and spices with our heritage breed ground pork.  It will be available fresh on Saturday.  Also, there will be eggs in the cooler ... finally, the girls are laying again!

Great News!
We are VERY proud to announce that we have been certified by the Animal Welfare Approved organization.  They have strict standards for animal care every step from birth to death.  Our sheep, goat and pig production have been certified, Poultry and beef next!  We have always been a "transparent " farm, inviting visitors, having farm tours, holding workshops, and gladly answering questions and showing you on how we raise our animals. It's terrific being recognized by a national organization for the high quality of our care and concern for our animals.

Other Great News!
Dancing Lamb Farm, Earlton, is having its Icelandic lamb meat featured at a dinner at the Kennedy Center, Washington, DC, as part of a Nordic Cultural Festival 2013.  A great promotion for our friends at Dancing Lamb and the high quality of Icelandic lamb. Congrats, Mike and Ron!  Our Icelandic rams have come from Dancing Lamb Farm, and most of our Icelandic sheep can trace their roots to their breeding stock.

And speaking of Washington, DC, Cooperstown Cheese is being featured at the Presidential Inaugural Luncheon next week.  Much to the credit of the White House, the meal highlights regional and small farm fare.  Dessert at the luncheon will be Hudson Valley apple pie with ice cream and a side of Cooperstown's award winning "Toma Celena" and "Jersey Girl Colby" cheeses with honey comb.  How cool is that! (As you know, we carry Cooperstown cheeses here.)  Congrats, Sharon and Tom!  Woo hoo!

Bees Knees Soup Kitchen
Italian Wedding Soup
  A classic!  Savory broth with pasta and our grassfeed beef meatballs
Oink and Moo Chili
Corn Muffins
Mountain Bread
Italian Apple Cake
Ice Cream
Beverages (coffee, chai, hot chocolate, teas, milk)

Last week we made Merguez, and were able to put our newly designated Animal Welfare Approved logo on the packaging for the first time.  Looking forward to putting it on all our materials!