Cuomo celebrates with anti-fracking activists

Gov. Andrew Cuomo is basking in the celebratory mood of his constituents this week. On Wednesday, Dec. 17, his administration announced that New York State will ban hydraulic fracturing natural gas drilling and also gave a green light to a casino resort in the Catskills.

Cuomo has travelled the state to glad-hand with supporters of both moves. He gave a speech in Bethel on Thursday, Dec. 18 to a cheering pro-casino advocates in Sullivan County.

On Wednesday night, he mingled with anti-fracking activists celebrating the state's ban on fracking. In a video shot by Sabrina Artel, the host of the Trailer Talk radio show, Cuomo talked to a crowd of sign-wielding anti-fracking advocates who had gathered to cheer the fracking ban.

"You really did a great job of making your voice heard," Cuomo said, referring to the fact that fracking opponents have dogged his administration for years. "I actually enjoyed seeing it in action," he said, prompting laughs.

"It can't be because people yell, that's why you act either," he said. "So it's not that I'm going to be responsive to the noise. But I heard it."