In visit to Roxbury, state officials vow faster Internet for rural NY

Above: New York State Broadband Program director David Salway, left, talks with Greg Henderson, middle, the owner of the Roxbury Motel, and Angela Liotta, right, the state's Broadband Outreach Director, on Wednesday, Feb. 25. Photo by Julia Reischel. 

In his draft budget for the 2015 - 2016 fiscal year, Gov. Andrew Cuomo is proposing an ambitious goal: high-speed internet for everyone, including in rural areas like the Catskills, by 2019. Greene County, in the Catskills, has the worst broadband access in the entire state, according to statistics released by the governor’s office.   Read more

Join Pure Catskills by March 27 to get in the Guide

Join by March 27 to be featured in the 2015- 2016 Pure Catskills Guide. Simply send a $35 payment by mail today: Make checks payable to “WAC” and mail to Watershed Agricultural Council, Attn: Pure Catskills, 44 West Street, Walton, NY 13856 OR pay online here:

Questions about membership? Contact Kristan Morley, Farm to Market Manager at [email protected] (link sends e-mail) or (607) 865‐7090.

Top 10 reasons to join:  Read more

Weaving Workshop at Delaware County Historical Association

On Saturday March 21, 2015 the Delaware County Historical Association will offer an afternoon weaving workshop beginning at 1pm. Adults and children (10 or older) alike are encouraged to come learn the basics of weaving, by using equipment and natural fibers (plant, insect, animal) that are dyed with chemical and botanical based dyes. Participants will weave a sampler. A “Resources Handout” will be provided. Participants with portable looms are encouraged to bring these for ‘show and tell’ and for a 30 minutes Q & A session. Class taught by experienced weaver and teacher Tabitha Gilmore-Barnes. Class times: 1pm to 4:30pm.

Registration required by March 13th. Cost $40.00 per person. Call (607) 746-3849 or e-mail: [email protected]

DCHA is located 3 miles northeast of Delhi on State Hwy. 10.

Moderation Makes Maple Flavored Magic

Above: Margaretville syrupmaker Mike Porter in his sugar house. 

By Ryan Trapani, Catskill Forest Association

Many of us are aware of winos. I’m not talking about complainers, but those whose palates are well- acquainted with an assortment of grape-wines. They don’t just gulp it down to catch a quick buzz. Ice cubes clinking in your glass of red wine will surely raise an eyebrow with these winy patrons; perhaps even a scowl. Sure, they’ll pour you a glass of wine, but you’ll first have to wait for it. You’ll hear a long story half in French, and the other that assumes you're about to attend a feast for a king. Now that your wine has been given time to breathe, you can finally forget the French and missed salmon dinner with mango salsa by drowning in yeast excrement, or better known as alcohol. Behind each wine’s taste are claimed associations with a plethora of environmental conditions, weather patterns, climate, yeast, and some other magic-making. All I can say, is that wine tends to be better – and the same – by the second or third glass.  Read more

Tea & Winter Health: Warm Up with Tay Tea!

There are healing powers in every sip of our artisanal, hand-crafted blends. This year, take winter by storm! Bolster your immune system, support your digestion, and kick-start your energy level, one cup at a time.

Rooibos (pronounced Roy-boss) is a caffeine-free herb grown in South Africa. Flavorful, calming, and cleansing, Rooibos tea has many healing properties to help you stay strong until spring:

  • Flush with vitamins, minerals and polyphenols, it’s proven to be anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and anti-viral.
  • Caffeine-free, drinking rooibos before bed can help with insomnia.
  • Containing alpha-hydroxy acids and zinc, it’s great for dry skin—it can even be applied directly to chapped areas, eczema, and acne.

Try Tay’s rejuvenating rooibos-blends, ON SALE NOW!

Raj - A rooibos-base blend with coconut shavings and masala spices, this delicious chai is warming, comforting, and restoring.  Read more

This weekend: Fish stories at Spillian

Image provided by Spillian. 

What do fly fisherman do when trout season is a month away and the temperatures are still deep-freeze cold? At this time of year, reminiscing fondly about being thigh-high in a Catskills stream is about as close to fishing as you can get.

This Sunday, March 1, a group of consummate Catskills anglers with over 100 years of fly fishing experience between them is gathering at the Spillian resort in Fleischmanns to tell "Trout Tales." 

From the press release:

A not-to-be-missed historic opportunity to sit around the table as some of the living legends of fly fishing join us in an evening of anecdotes, recollections and reminiscences of friendships and time spent with legendary names like Art Flick, Frank Mele, the Darbees and the Dettes, Herman Christiansen, and others -- of the great fish and the great streams from the birthplace of American fly-fishing, the Catskills Mountains.  Read more

This weekend: Snowmobile drag races

Above: Image via the Delaware Valley Ridge Riders Facebook page. 

Snowmobiles are usually found high on snowy ridges, running single file on a huge network of groomed trails around the Catskills.

But this Saturday in Downsville, the motorized sleds get to make like hot rods. Riders in the Delaware Valley Ridge Riders' annual Snowmobile Drag Races will vie for cash prizes as they zoom side-by-side across a big snowy field, which has been carefully groomed to make for optimal racing conditions. 

The races are divided into classes, ranging from a kids' obstacle course to the open "anything goes" class. There will be hot food and merriment. 

  Read more

Health and Safety - Post Week of 2/23/15

See video

Hats Off: Notable Women of Delaware County - Exhibit Opening, Wine & Cheese Reception

In recognition of Women’s History Month, a new exhibit at the Delaware County Historical Association will open on Friday, March 6 at 4pm with a wine and cheese reception. Hats Off highlights a number of renowned women who have connections to Delaware County. Come learn about individuals such as Candace Thurber Wheeler, Jennie Curtis Cannon, Alice McLean, Elizabeth MacDonald, Friede DeMarlo, Lucy Lobdell and many others.

In addition to photos and pictures, items from DCHA’s archives on display will include clothing and uniforms, books, and other ephemera. Additional items to be shown are generously loaned by Mary Jane Henderson.  Read more

Wednesday Night’s Show: Catskill Trees with Gary Mead – Tulip Poplar

CFA-On-The-Air: From the Forest
Wednesdays 6PM – 7PM

Every 3rd Wednesday we talk to Gary Mead about a different tree found in or near the Catskill Mountains. Every tree is different, and there is always something unique & special we find out about it. Tonight we’ll be discussing the TULIP POPLAR tree. Tulip poplar – also known as yellow poplar – is a rarity in the Catskills. However as one travels down the line on state route 28 towards the Hudson Valley, it can be seen growing in nutrient-rich hollows, cloves, or coves, depending on your classification of such. Tulip poplar is our straightest growing hardwood, has unforgettable flowers and deep green and unusual cleft-shaped leaves; a beautiful southerner amongst our northern hardwoods.  Read more

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