Farmers, brewers, chefs, retailers: Add your free online listing to the Catskills Food Guide

Above: A rooster from Horton Hill Farm in Jefferson casts a discerning eye on the Watershed Post's 2014 Catskills Food Guide. Thanks to Horton Hill Farm for the photo.

In the local economy, businesses don't stand alone. They form relationships with each other; they create connections.

We built our online Catskills Food Guide with those connections in mind. If you own a restaurant that sources produce from local farms (like the Peekamoose Restaurant & Tap Room in Big Indian), or if you're a producer whose foods can be found at local stores (like Bread Fellows in Andes), you can use our online listings to reflect those relationships -- and to let your customers know who else you're connected to locally.

About 100 restaurant owners, farmers, caterers, spiritmakers, bakers, sugar tappers, grocers and others in the local food economy have added their businesses to our online Catskills Food Guide listings. We'd love to have yours, too.

To be a part of our local food directory, all you have to do is fill out one of our online forms:

Add a listing

It's free, and there's no login required. 

If you have friends in the Catskills local food industry, please share this post, and our online Catskills Food Guide, with them.

Tell them the chicken sent you.