Catskills, meet your new slogan

"The Catskills: Always In Season."

Get ready to see it on bumper stickers, billboards, ad campaigns, and anything else a bunch of marketers can think of. That's the slogan that got Arkville's Jenn Nolan $1,500 from the Catskill Park Resource Foundation on Saturday, in a contest to come up with a new brand for the Catskills region.

According to a press release picked up by the Daily Freeman and the Daily Star, 733 people cast votes online in the contest -- which, if you figure that there were 3,714 slogans entered, probably means that not everybody who entered bothered to vote. But Nolan's emerged as the clear winner, with just over 44 percent of the vote.

The four runners-up:

"The Catskills: Time For An Altitude Adjustment"

"Find Yourself In The Catskills"

"The Catskills: So Near, Yet So Far Out"

"The Catskills: Peaks Of Perfection."

We still like our readers' DIY Catskills slogans better. (Biased, naturally -- but so did the New York Times.)

In other local PR news, the Catskill Park Resource Foundation -- a.k.a. "CPRandCo" -- is still referring to the rebranding campaign as a "major pubic [sic] relations and marketing effort" on their website, over a month after we pointed it out in a story about local reluctance to embrace the branding initiative.