From the Publisher: Memorial Day. It's coming.

In the Catskills this year, Memorial Day is going to be epic.

For the first time in history, four of the six west-of-Hudson New York City reservoirs will be open to boating and paddling for the masses. A new bike event will bring the spirit of the Tour de France to the Pepacton. There will be festivals, parades, street fairs, and general partying all over the region.

And we're going to keep track of it all in our soon-to-be-published Catskills Memorial Day Guide.

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Our goal is to list every single parade, barbecue, and get-together in the Catskills. Help us make it happen.

5/9/12 correction: According to Billy Allison, one of the organizers of the Tour de Pepacton, I was mistaken in using the term "race" to describe the new bike event. This post has been updated to make that change. Here's more info from Billy: "It is a tour around the reservoir w/ two distances to choose from 25 miles or 60 miles (Metric century) not a race. Both rides are covered with vehicle SAG support and if anyone gets too tired or has mechanical failure the van is there for support, water and snacks. We are also having club members serve as ride guides within the group for additional support."