Happy Pi Day

Photo by Flickr user Dennis Wilkinson, who baked all these pies himself yesterday, and is entering two of them in this year's Serious Eats Pi Day baking competition. Published under Creative Commons license.

Feel like celebrating? It might be the glorious weather -- or it might be your inner math geek observing that holiest of mathematical holidays, Pi Day.

Every year on 3.14, the mathematically-inclined pay homage to pi by eating pies, reciting the number's digits from memory, selling baked goods for $3.14, and other numerical shenanigans in tribute everybody's favorite irrational number.

(Well, maybe not everybody's favorite. Physicist Michael Hartl thinks we should be using tau instead of pi in our geometric equations to make them more elegant -- in which case, we should be celebrating Tau Day on June 28.)

Locally, radio station WDST 100.1 is celebrating by playing songs with numbers in them in today's Wednesday Lunch Lounge. You can get in on the action and recommend songs on their Facebook wall.

Know of any other local Pi Day celebrations? Let us know by leaving a comment!