The struggle to keep the lights on at local papers (literally)

It's been rough running a newspaper in the Catskills this week. A flaming power line took out the Daily Star's power for most of last night, causing significant delays to today's paper. The Star was able to report on its inability to report, however:

Witnesses on the scene saw sparks coming from a transformer located on a utility pole in The Daily Star parking lot. No injuries were reported, and no other properties were affected. The power was returned to the building after 3:30 a.m. this morning, but systems affecting production did not come back online for several more hours.

The Daily Freeman had had trouble with the utilities, too. The Kingston office of the paper had to soldier on without a telephone for a while last week.

We can't talk -- we haven't had a working phone in a week ourselves. We've moved part of our operation to an apartment in Andes, and it took a week to scheduled an install. As of several hours ago, however, we're back in touch!