Is Oneonta ready for Dan Savage?

I guess we'll find out. The Daily Star is launching a new weekly:

The Daily Star's new free arts and entertainment weekly, The O-Town Scene, will debut Thursday with a launch party celebration in downtown Oneonta.

Tino's Pizzeria will host the launch party for the O-Town Scene from 8 to 9:30 p.m. Thursday, featuring live music and free pizza.

Oneonta's newest paper is what folks in the news biz tend to call a "faux-alt" -- a paper geared at younger readers that looks and feels like an independent alt-weekly, but is run by a large daily newspaper company. Though with no proper alt-weekly operating out of Oneonta, any new blood is most welcome.

And yes, the paper is going to run Savage Love, the hilarious and thoroughly explicit sex column that successfully Google-bombed Rick Santorum. Just this August, Dan Savage's column proved too hot for Fayetteville, Arkansas. We'll see if Oneonta can take the heat.