Women are "crack makers," says Daily Star

It's clear that Big Chuck D'Imperio meant well when he penned this column for the Daily Star yesterday. But man, what a misbegotten headline for a story:

Area had its fair share of female "crack makers"

So, what's the article about? Not, as you might think, female drug lords or crack addicts. No, it's about women who succeeded in male-dominated careers. D'Imperio explains his thinking in the first lines of the story:

After her campaign for president, Hillary Clinton was famous for saying that, although she didn't win, she "helped put 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling."

Let's talk about three "crack makers" in our own area. Two are gone, but one is very much still with us.

He goes on to charmingly chronicle the exploits of a Daily Star reporter, a social gadfly, and a female line-woman for NYSEG. But it looks like few readers could get past the headline. From the comments:

crack makers? lol, yes the area probably also has its share of meth labs too.


This is a tacky headline. It lends itself to several puns, all of them tacky.