This weekend: Trout Parade in Livingston Manor

Above: A Trout Parade headdress and 7th Annual Livingston Manor Trout Parade poster, from an exhibit of Trout Parade memorabilia on display at the Catskill Art Society from June 1-9.

Just try to speak the words “Trout Parade” without smiling. Then imagine how happy you’ll be watching the inspired lunacy this Saturday on Main Street in Livingston Manor, when Sullivan County comes together to throw a glittery Mardi Gras-style fish party -- or better yet, donning a fish-themed hat or costume and getting out into the mix.

From 11am until the parade begins, you’ll be entertained by stage performances including stilt walking, puppets, and music, with an overall atmosphere of fish-lovin’ fun. At 1pm, the parade steps off, led by Grand Marshall Jenny Lytton, locally famous for having been joined in "Holy Mackerel-mony" with husband Eric Hirsch at the 2006 Trout Parade. Behind Lytton will be a motley crew of floats, puppets, outrageous costumes, and Bud Wertheim's thirty-foot Giant Brook Trout, all stepping in time to beats from Paprika, the Hungry March Band, and Taste Da' Thumb's Symphony.

After the parade, with its giant puppets and artfully wacky marchers and musicians, the shops and restaurants will be open for your enjoyment -- as will the Catskill Art Society's Arts Center, where a special Trout Parade exhibit will be on display. It’s the Trout Parade’s tenth year, and everyone’s ready to party down.

Your purchase of a Trout Parade T-shirt or poster will benefit the Arts and Music Programs of the Livingston Manor Central School and the Catskill Art Society, which produces the parade. Organizers suggest coming early to get a good parking spot.

10th Annual Trout Parade. Main Street, Livingston Manor. Saturday, June 8, 11am-3pm, rain or shine. Free. For more information, see the Trout Parade website or Facebook page.