Suspect is "contained" in Bovina manhunt; standoff continues

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Above: A map of Bovina Center. A standoff between police and an armed man is ongoing tonight at a house on County Highway 5.

The subject of a manhunt in the Delaware County town of Bovina is surrounded in a house on County Highway 5, also known locally as Pink Street, this evening, according to law enforcement dispatchers at 6:30pm. 

"The subject is held up in a home," a dispatcher at the Delaware County Sheriff's Office said. She added that there have been no injuries, and that although the subject is not yet in custody, the situation is "contained."

Dispatchers at both the New York State Police and the Delaware County Sheriff's Office say that Bovina residents near the scene of the standoff on County Highway 5 should remain indoors with their doors locked. But they stressed that the situation is under control.

The unnamed and armed man was pursued by law enforcement officials from the Delaware County Sheriff's Office and the New York State Police this afternoon.

No official details have been released about the man or why he was being pursued. Residents and witnesses tell the Watershed Post that large numbers of law enforcement officials were visible on the ground and in helicopters in Bovina throughout the day today, and that drivers and residents were stopped and warned not to pick up hitchhikers. Roads remain closed near the house, according to the dispatchers.

At 2pm, the Delaware County Office of Emergency Management issued instructions to all Bovina residents via NY Alert to "remain indoors and lock all doors."

Another NY-Alert was issued at at 2:26pm asking Bovina residents to remain inside until further notice. 

The instructions to Bovina residents to remain indoors are still in effect as of 6:30pm this evening. 

"We decided, 'Let's just do this safely,'" the Delaware County Sheriff's dispatcher said.

The incident has made national news. The Associated Press and other news outlets are following the story. 

Update, 8:50pm: A dispatcher at the Delaware County Sheriff's Office says that the situation has not changed, and residents near County Route 5 should remain in their houses.  

Update, 9:20: The Watershed Post has confirmed that the armed man took two Bovina residents hostage earlier today. A local official confirmed that both hostages were held at gunpoint, but later escaped unhurt. As of 9:20pm, the gunman is alone in the house on Pink Street, and the standoff with law enforcement is ongoing. 

Update, 11:59pm: The lockdown advisory for the town of Bovina has been lifted, according to a dispatcher at the Delaware County Sheriff's Office at 11:20pm. Bovina residents can leave their houses and move freely, the dispatcher confirmed, except for an area surrounding the house where the gunman is still locked in a standoff with police. A stretch of County Highway 5/Pink Street between Jim Lane Road and County Highway 6 is still cordoned off. 

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