Three people injured in Downsville fire

Three people sustained non-life-threatening injuries after a fire broke out in a Downsville home on Wednesday.

According to The Daily Star, a fire started at 6 p.m. at the home of Gordon and Donna Palmer on River Road near the hamlet of Corbett. The house was completely distroyed, Delaware County Emergency Services Director Rich Bell said.

The Star reports that both homeowners and a firefighter were injured:

The property owners tried to put out the fire but were unsuccessful. They were both taken to Delaware Valley Hospital as he had facial burns and she had a medical emergency, Bell said. They were stable and expected to be kept overnight.

A firefighter whose name was not released drove himself to the hospital with burns to his foot.

The “Colchester Community” Facebook group is asking for donations of clothing and houseware for the Palmers. To learn more about their efforts, click here.