House fire on Hobart's Main Street

A fire that broke out at a Main Street home in Hobart on Saturday afternoon was put out quickly thanks to local firefighters -- and a quick-thinking state trooper who grabbed a garden hose, the Daily Star reports.

When [Hobart fire chief Josh] Mason arrived at the scene, two troopers were already there, he said. They had seen smoke and thought someone was burning garbage.

“The whole back of the house was on fire,” Mason said. “One of the state police officers grabbed a garden hose on the ground, which happened to not be frozen, and used it to help put out the outer wall.”

The house at 622 Main Street was not a total loss, officials said, but the family that lives there has been displaced until it can be repaired. A GoFundMe page has been set up for the residents -- the family of local actor Reggie Brunson -- and the page has raised almost all of its $3,000 goal since the weekend.