Surprise, surprise: Romney wins New York primary

The AP reports today:

Mitt Romney did what was expected, easily winning New York's Republican presidential primary and padding his delegate lead in his all-but-inevitable march toward the party's nomination.

Romney easily outdistanced Ron Paul and Newt Gingrich on Tuesday and took home a big chunk of delegates in a race marked by low turnout around the heavily Democratic state. Rick Santorum stopped campaigning two weeks ago.

And then there were two: Ron Paul is still campaigning away, but Newt Gingrich is about to officially hang up his spurs, CNN reports.

Speaking of low turnout: Middletown poll-watcher Sharon Goldstein reports via email that she was disappointed in the abysmal voter turnout at the Arkville Firehouse yesterday. Out of 120 eligible registered Republicans in Middletown's District 3, she says, only three voted:

I worked the Republican primary election today for Middletown District 3 (at the Arkville Firehouse).  We shared the space with District 5.  My fellow workers and I were there from 11:30 a.m. (polls opened at noon) until 9:00 p.m., when we officially close the polls and tally the numbers.The law requires 2 Democrats and 2 Republicans to work each district.

Out of 120 eligible Republican voters,  3 (that's right, 3) cast their ballot, and one of those was a co-worker who was working the District 5 table.  District 5 had a total of 8 ballots cast.

11, out of a possible 270 or so.

I'm sure Mr. Romney will win the primary in NY, not because of voter turnout, but voter apathy.

I'm not a Republican, so it didn't really matter to me who won or lost. The Republican nominee will face Barack Obama in November.  

All I can say is, tsk tsk Republican voters, shame on you!

Catskills poll-watchers: How was turnout at your local polling place? Leave us a comment here, or write to [email protected].