Deadline looms for FEMA flood buyout

Above: FEMA External Affairs Interns inspect the recovery effort in Prattsville on Feb. 22, 2012. Photo by Hans Pennink.

Wednesday is the deadline for New York State towns and counties to submit lists of properties for a federal buyout program.

Under the program, run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency, home and business owners with badly damaged properties in flood-prone areas can get up to 75 percent of the pre-flood value of their properties from FEMA. The other 25 percent is the responsibility of the homeowner, unless the local government agrees to cover the cost.

Individuals cannot apply to FEMA directly to be part of the buyout. To be considered, properties must be on lists submitted to FEMA by the state Office of Emergency Management, which applies on behalf of local governments.

Here are some links to news coverage of the program, from around New York State:

Catskill Mountain News: An informational meeting on the program in Margaretville earlier this month drew about 60 people.

Catskill Mountain News: As of mid-February, 22 Middletown homeowners had applied for the program through the Delaware County Planning Department.

One homeowner talks to the Catskill Mountain News about the difficulties she has had applying for the program.

Daily Mail: Catskill draws up list of flood-prone properties.

Press and Sun-Bulletin: In the Broome County town of Union, a destroyed trailer park can't be torn down until FEMA decides whether it will be accepted into the buyout.

Press and Sun-Bulletin: The town of Vestal tells homeowners they can't cover the 25 percent that FEMA doesn't fund.

WCAX: Five dozen homeowners in Essex County want buyouts, most in the town of Jay.

Plattsburgh Press-Republican: FEMA may buy 56 Essex County homes.

Below: A PowerPoint presentation given on the program at the Margaretville meeting.

Power Point Middle Town