Words you can print in a family newspaper, but not on a horse

Apparently you can't put the word "abortion" on the side of a giant fiberglass horse in the town of Saugerties. Even in teeny-tiny type. The Freeman's Ivan Lajara reports:

West Shokan writer Martha Frankel informed me on Wednesday night a fiberglass horse that contains passages from one of her books has been flagged because of two complaints.

Apparently, some of the words in the horse - like "abortion," "miscarriage," "penis" and "vagina" - are not sitting well with some residents, and the Saugerties Area Chamber of Commerce, which sponsors the [Hors'n Around] event, is discussing the issue.

Frankel fixed the offending horse -- her way. (Check out the pic on the Freeman story.)

The moral: Don't mess with a lady who's zipped J.Lo into a wedding dress, sat by the hospital bed of Lee Atwater, and gone club-hopping with Mike Tyson.