Roxbury on the red carpet

In a little over an hour, Roxbury resident Roger Ross Williams will find out if he's taking home an Oscar. The director and his crew are up for their film "Music By Prudence," a short documentary about a severely disabled Zimbabwean singer-songwriter.

From the film's website:

African plain: supple and green. Clouds (celestial rapids) racing over an otherwise halcyon sky.

Against these, the voice of a woman: clear and strong. “Liyana,” she sings. “Yes,” they respond. “Where are you?” she calls. “We are here,” they answer. “Come,” she beckons. “We are coming.” Her voice is stirring, but also still, in contrast to the rushing sky. It’s the voice of a leader, someone in a place of power and wisdom and uncommon peace.

Then into the picture rolls its owner: a young African woman in a wheelchair. Her arms are twisted and useless. Without legs, she has never walked. The source of this commanding, compelling music is a head and a torso, and not much more.

Meet Prudence Mabhena, 21, the hero of our tale.

Here's a clip of Williams talking about the film with Carson Daly on Last Call.

If you're one of the 3 million unlucky New Yorkers who have Cablevision, you can watch the Oscars live on the Internet.