Prejudice in the Catskills: Not what you think

That's filmmaker Jessica Vecchione, discussing the making of her flim "Bienvenidos a Fleischmanns" last night at the Foothills Performing Arts Center in Oneonta.

The screening of the documentary, which is about the village of Fleischmanns in Delaware County which boasts a population that is 40 percent Mexican, was packed to the gills. (Rumor has it that several professors required it, $7 admission and all, for course credit.)

Afterwards, four academics from SUNY College at Oneonta joined Vecchione to tell the crowd that upstate New York ain't half as backwards as you'd think. In fact, several argued, the Catskills might actually be more tolerant and diverse than -- cough -- the big city. We'll post more clips from the discussion later today.

Updated: And we did! See 'em here.

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It would seem from Ms. Vecchione's comment, that she has something against the locals of the Catskills!  What is wrong with a chainsaw and a truck full of wood?  Many people sell it for a living up here.  As for the nasty comment about his lack of teeth, many people have wells and springs which provide non fluoridated water.  Makes one wonder just who is the prejudiced Person!

JA Harris

Delhi, NY



You are absolutely right, and I apologize for an unfortunate use of words. I was trying to illustrate a point in a colorful manner while recalling the incident as it happened. I did not mean to knock the local population, of which I have been a part for almost ten years now.  I will certainly chose my words more carefully in the future.


Jessica Vecchione