NYC buys another 1,124 acres in the watershed

With a price tag of $4.75 million, that's an average of just over $4,200 an acre. From yesterday's DEP press release:

The group of properties purchased includes parcels in Greene, Ulster, Putnam, Westchester, and Delaware counties. The acquisition of sensitive watershed lands is critical to maintaining the outstanding quality of the drinking water that 9 million New Yorkers rely on each day. Most of these properties will be opened for public access, including hunting, hiking and fishing, as well as hay cropping that helps local community businesses.

...The acquisition of 1,124 acres of land includes 488 acres in Greene County, 541 acres in Delaware County, and 93 acres in Ulster County.

According to the press release, the city now owns about 155,000 acres in the region surrounding its upstate reservoirs.

To put that in perspective: Central Park is 843 acres. Though its net worth, according to New York magazine, is somewhere in the ballpark of $528,783,552,000, or around $627 million an acre.