Margaretville documentary seeks interns

We just got an email from Demon On Wheels director Christina Eliopoulos, who's shooting a documentary about local mechanic Mike Ondish and his bitchin' '68 Shelby Mustang:

I'm seeking out 2 production interns who can assist us from May 3 through May 8 on the first leg of our shoot.

They will be involved in all aspects of the production and will have an opportunity to experience work in every department (Grip, Electric, Camera, Director's Unit, Production Coordinator, Craft Service).  They will be tasked with myriad responsibilities, small and large, that are vital to the production.

They have to live locally and have a valid Driver's License.

We work long hours but I promise that the experience will be rewarding and fun.

For their hard work, they will receive a credit in the film, a letter of recommendation from the producer and myself, an opportunity for a paid position when we resume filming later in the summer, and opportunities for paid positions in other local production efforts.

Interested parties: Check out the film's website and get in touch with Eliopoulos at [email protected]