Rusty Plough Farm


May. 28, 2015
Lots of stuff on the farm gets reused or recycled and this week has seen a bit of action in that department. Oleh's original garden plot from the 1980s is slowly being transformed into our family kitchen garden... from first practical learning space to... Read more
May. 22, 2015
Memorial Day weekend just 'round the corner and we're filling up the woodstove again... old-timers will certainly tell you that only after this weekend is it safe to plant those frost-sensitive tomatoes! But despite the sweaters and flannel pjs, local... Read more
May. 19, 2015
On the farm, it's all about the crops and animals... so as farmhouse renovation activity slacks off, focus turns to a brand new kitchen for the hens! Well, not exactly a Wolff oven with bells & whistles, but what they really appreciate... fresh... Read more
Apr. 28, 2015
Well, here we are at the end of April, and it seems that spring is struggling to take hold... We've been enjoying and selling kale that overwintered in the high tunnel but the arugula & cilantro seeded in there earlier this month has paused just... Read more
Apr. 15, 2015
So you grow your own veggie garden, maybe keep a few hens laying fresh eggs, appreciating the flavor they bring to your table. But what about the rest of your cuisine? Why not local cheeses, meats, even desserts!  Well, check out Rondout Valley Organics... Read more
Apr. 8, 2015
Looking for easy access to food that's produced by your neighbor-farmers?  Here's some of what was available to order this week for members of Rondout Valley Organics : grassfed beef, chicken and pork, goat milk yogurt, sweet & tender kale, chicken... Read more
Mar. 28, 2015
Do you enjoy eating truly local foods but getting around to all the different farmstands and farmers' markets is sometimes difficult? Visit occasionally or on weekends and don't want to spend precious time shopping? Consider a membership with Rondout... Read more
Mar. 20, 2015
Anybody out there with an unwanted non-working chest freezer? The first sprouts of the season have moved into the greenhouse from inside our warm home  - sure signs of spring despite the snow I see coming down outside my window. Our radiant floor heat... Read more
Mar. 14, 2015
Living with teens sure makes the kitchen and refrigerator the most visited spaces in the home. There never seems to be enough food to satisfy their growing bodies!  But fortunately, they're all handy in that kitchen (not quite got the hang of total... Read more
Mar. 10, 2015
Summer.... Autumn.... Winter.... Mud..... Spring....  Voila the five seasons of life in the Hudson Valley region.  Mudrooms are a nice thing to have, but somehow the mud seems to find its way past that door into the rest of the house. From woodstove wood... Read more
Mar. 4, 2015
Oh, the taste of those fresh, red, sun-ripened tomatoes! Walking barefoot on the grass, leaving the gloves and hats in the house... it will all be here before you know it.  Put yourself in the mood for spring by visiting Rondout Valley Organics at the... Read more
Feb. 27, 2015
Dreaming of morning coffee on the deck, flowers in the yard and spring home projects? If so, then join us at the Pine Bush Home Show next Sunday, March 8th and get those ideas moving into reality! But why, you may ask, is a farm setting up at a Home Show... Read more
Feb. 20, 2015
We are often asked, "So what do you do in the wintertime?", to which we of course, reply, "What else but eat bonbons all day long?!".  All jesting aside, winters on our farm are certainly more physically restful and indoors than the rest of the year. ... Read more
Feb. 14, 2015
One of the things we love about living in the Hudson Valley area is the abundance of fresh produce and other farm foods (especially our own!). But what's a local food-lover to do in mid-February, when all is quietly cocooned under deep layers of snow?... Read more
Feb. 10, 2015
Snow, snow, snow and more snow! While the farm fields rest under their white blanket, farm work continues behind-the-scenes, around the warmth of a woodstove. Planning, meeting, ordering seeds from incredibly colorful and encouraging catalogs... this is... Read more