Spring Redecorating in the Henhouse

On the farm, it's all about the crops and animals... so as farmhouse renovation activity slacks off, focus turns to a brand new kitchen for the hens! Well, not exactly a Wolff oven with bells & whistles, but what they really appreciate... fresh green pasture.  Old fencing was rearranged around the coop to create fresh space and better access for us humans and the coop was cleaned out, with fresh bedding laid down. Made the ladies and gents so happy that they woke us all at the break of dawn with their squawks of glee!  And in profound thanks, they keep offering up the most flavorful eggs.  For a taste of these golden beauties, consider membership in Rondout Valley Organics this year! Not only will you have access to our eggs, but to all the yummy veggies from Rusty Plough Farm, as well as products from other local growers... all in a one-stop, online marketplace.