Wanted: movers for Andes Community Day event

By dcapps, Wed, 3/12/2014 - 3:49 pm


Folks interested in participating in structured movement performance events, directed by David Capps, for Andes Community Day, 8/9/14, part of the second annual “Dancing in the Park” event in Ballantine Park.

No “dance” experience necessary – all you need is a spirit of adventurousness and a reasonably willing body that you can trust to do at least one of the following:


sit and stand,

roll on the ground.

That’s it.

We’ll get together periodically (4-5 times, mostly in June/July/August, as conveniently to everyone’s schedules as possible, for perhaps 1.5 hours each time) in the Andes environs to “rehearse” and prepare, but the idea is to have fun, explore some potentialities of moving together, and to bring something to Community Day that is, in the simplest sense, beautiful.

Please contact David Capps with expressions of interest and any questions:

[email protected]

(845)-676-3654 (land line in Andes)

(201) 563-3505 (cell phone).