Fatal crash, drowning and bizarre shooting happen in Greene County over weekend

One person drowned, another was killed when an SUV flipped over and a third was found riding in a car with a gunshot wound in a series of odd incidents in Greene County over the weekend, according to media reports.

Only sketchy details are available from police about all three incidents.

First, on Friday, July 8, a person drowned in a “small body of water” near Route 145 in the town of Durham, the New York State Police told the Daily Mail.  County officials have ordered a toxicology report in the case, but police have released zero information about the victim, the circumstances of the drowning or even exactly where the incident occurred.

On Saturday, July 9, in the nearby town of Cairo, police had a shock when they pulled over a vehicle on Route 145 for a traffic violation, only to discover that one of the four men inside had been shot, the Daily Mail reported. The man was hospitalized, and no more information about the incident or the victim is available.

Finally, on Sunday, July 10, a man died when an SUV filled with 10 passengers overturned on Route 145 in Durham, according to the Daily Mail. The SUV was traveling east around 4:30 p.m. when it flipped over, killing one of its occupants and injuring all nine others. Police released little information about this incident either, except for the fact that none of the passengers involved were from New York State.