Police: Windham supervisor installed eavesdropping software on town hall computer

Stacy Post, the supervisor of the Greene County town of Windham, was indicted by a grand jury on Wednesday, Feb. 19 on 30 counts of felony eavesdropping and official misconduct, according to the Windham Journal's Michael Ryan, who was covering the proceedings live.

Left: Stacy Post.

With the indictment finally come details about Post's alleged crimes. She was arrested on Monday, Jan. 12 after a long and mysterious investigation that began with a state police raid on Windham's town offices on March 21, 2014.

Ryan has the details about how police began to suspect Post was spying on town hall activities:

[A] series of events ... began to unfold in early March when a local police officer reported an incident to town councilman Robert Pelham, town officials say.

Working a weekend shift, the officer stopped by the station house and heard familiar voices coming from Post's office, located directly across the hall in the municipal building in the hamlet of Hensonville, town officials say.

Stopping in to shoot the breeze, the police officer instead found the supervisor alone, watching and listening to recordings, subsequently speaking to Pelham who shared the details with councilman Karl Gonzalez, town officials say.

Pelham and Gonzalez contacted town attorney Larry Gardner who telephoned the Association of Towns of the State of New York, town officials say.

Until she is convicted of a felony, Post is free to continue serving as the supervisor of Windham. A criminal trial is expected in a few months. 

Update 3/2/15: The findings of the grand jury in Post's case have been made public. Michael Ryan at the Windham Journal has some new details, including the fact that Post allegedly paid a computer technician in cash to install her surveillance system and that she took steps to keep it secret.