Roxbury Motel owners buy historic waterfall; plan expansion

Above: Greg Henderson stands next to Stratton Falls in a video shot in June 2014. Still from "The Roxbury at Stratton Falls - Dream Stage" video.

Greg Henderson and Joseph Massa have purchased Roxbury's historic Stratton Falls waterfall and its adjoining mansion, and hope to develop them into an expansion of their popular Roxbury Motel.

The couple, who have run the Roxbury Motel since 2003, closed on the Stratton Falls property on Tuesday, Nov. 4. They announced the news on Facebook on Nov. 5.

They posted an explanation of their plans and a tour of the property in a video, which you can watch by clicking here

"There are still way too many variables and moving parts to announce any specifics about the project," Massa told the Watershed Post. "For now, we are just enjoying the magnitude of the beauty of the property and grateful for the opportunity to preserve its rich history."

Henderson cautioned that all of the plans for the property are subject to change.  

"This is all dream stage," he said. "We just closed on Tuesday. At this point, it's all speculation. But we own it. We're excited, and it's an incredible place."

The waterfall was the original town center of Roxbury, and a store and post office once stood at the top of the falls. A five-bedroom, two-bathroom mansion now sits on a hillside nearby.

In the video, Massa and Henderson discuss turning the mansion into a hotel and developing paths and a foot bridge on the property.

The purchase may be destiny. In a postscript to their video, Henderson and Massa say that for years, GPS devices have mistakenly led their guests to the falls instead of to their motel, which is two miles away. 

"It looks like the universe was trying to tell us something," they said.

Above: A logo for "The Roxbury at Stratton Falls," a concept for an expansion of Delaware County's Roxbury Motel. Still from "The Roxbury at Stratton Falls - Dream Stage" video.