New Hurley bridge is open for business

The Wynkoop Road bridge over the Esopus Creek in the Ulster County town of Hurley, which has been closed since June for repairs, re-opened on Thursday, August 28.  County Executive Mike Hein was on hand at a ribbon cutting with a crowd of notables, according to a press release sent by Hein's office.

Hein was pleased to point out the bridge repairs were completed in just two months, "ahead of schedule, before school opens, and under budget."

The press release quoted John Gill, the owner of Gill Farms in Hurley:

"The entire County has done a tremendous job getting this project done in a timely manner," said John Gill owner of Gill Farms. "I want to thank the County Executive for making this project a priority and all of the members of the County's DPW for their hard work and dedication. This structure will be something the residents of Hurley will be proud of, I certainly already am."