Prattsville's new supervisor: Same as the old supervisor

The leadership of the flood-ravaged Greene County town of Prattsville has been in limbo since November, when Republican Alan Huggins won the supervisor's race as a write-in candidate, then promptly resigned.

But last night, the Prattsville town board re-appointed Democrat Kory O'Hara, who lost narrowly to Huggins in November as a sitting incumbent, to the post.

Town board member Bonita Chase said that the board met in a special meeting last night to make the appointment.

"The board felt it was in the best interest of the town to continue with current leadership, just because of continuity," she said.

At last night's meeting, another board member, Republican Steve Oliver, resigned, citing health reasons. The board appointed Greg Cross, former supervisor of Lexington, to fill his seat. Oliver had served two years of his four-year term.

The Watershed Post had been hearing rumors recently that Cross, who now lives in Prattsville and who opted not to seek re-election in Lexington last November, might be in line for the supervisor's job. Chase confirmed that that had been discussed:

"[Cross] was interested in the supervisory position, but we thought it would be appropriate to fill the vacant Republican seat with a Republican," she said.

The two appointments were made unanimously by the three remaining Prattsville board members: Republican Patrick Mattice, Democrat James Thorington, and Chase, a Democrat.

Both O'Hara and Cross will serve for a year as appointees. In November, the town will hold a special election to fill their seats.

With Prattsville still a long way from rebuilding in the wake of the Irene and Lee floods, the appointees will have their work cut out for them, said Chase:

"They're definitely going to be scrutinized more than ever. Being appointees it makes it even tougher," she said.