Letter to the Editor: Supporting Holley Carnright

Dear Editor,

I am supporting Holley Carnright for District Attorney of Ulster County.

As our current DA, Holley Carnright has prosecuted over 18,000 cases and more than 100 individual members of street gangs in Ulster County. He has a 95% felony conviction rate.

His opponent Jon Sennett has not prosecuted one single case in the past 12 years. When he worked in the Bronx DA's office he claimed to have prosecuted 30 violent crimes. But it is widely known that the Bronx DA's office plea bargains almost all cases due to the massive case load.

Prior to Sennett's first unsuccessful attempt to become the district attorney, his web site highlighted going after the police. His top two published areas of practice were against police. Any resident of Ulster County will tell you that we hate corruption especially in those we trust. But crime is way more pervasive and a threat to us all.

Sennett has recently reported raising $16,000 out of $26,000 from NYC. I find it distasteful that a would-be DA in Ulster County is getting 60% of his funding from out of the county.

The office of Ulster County District Attorney needs to be fair but tough on crime. Holley Carnright is and his last 4 years in office proves that.

Help keep us safe. Help keep gangs off the streets in Ulster County. Help support Holley Carnright for DA on November 8th.

Bruce H Tuchman
Saugerties, NY