Got gripes? Send 'em to the Complaints Choir

You might have missed the last appearance of the Delaware County Complaints Choir on August 6 -- they had to hightail it to a church basement when the skies opened over the Arts & Soul of the Catskills festival

Luckily for you, the Complaints Choir is making an encore appearance on September 4 at the West Kortright Centre during the Tunes 'n Tomatoes 2011 Festival. If you have a whinge, a gripe, or a whine that you'd like to hear sung by a chorus of your friends and neighbors, submit it by tomorrow, August 26, to [email protected]. Here's the WKS's press release: 

Notice to the public on a very public (and musical) opportunity to voice complaints of any nature at the Tunes ‘n’ Tomatoes event taking place at The West Kortright Centre on Sunday, September 4, from 11am to 5pm. In addition to the multitude of musical performances, children’s activities, and wonderful local food, the event will feature the Delaware County Complaints Choir, and we want you to send us your complaints! Your gripes will then become the lyrics in an original piece of music written by Michael Suchorsky. The first-ever Delaware County Complaints Choir (a.k.a The Bawk Chorale) will sing this newborn song of peeves during a performance at the Tunes ‘n’ Tomatoes event, conducted by Andes, NY Renaissance woman Leigh Melander. Complaints can range from raising the debt ceiling to putting colored sprinkles on a chocolate cupcake. Email your grievance to ‘[email protected]’ (no need to make it rhyme, we’ll do the work) by August 26.

If merely writing a complaint is just not good enough, then sing it! Join us at Tunes ‘n’ Tomatoes to be part of the Choir and contribute your voice & musical talent (or lack of). Those looking to join the choir should arrive by 1:30 pm for choir rehearsal. (Your ticket to Tunes ‘n’ Tomatoes gives you access to the rehearsal.)

The idea for the Delaware County Complaint Choir was initiated by local musician and community member, Rachel Polens, for the 2011 Art + Soul of the Catskills Festival. Musical backup will be provided by Michael Suchorsky (drums), John Davies (bass) and others. Bandleader and composer Michael Suchorsky of Andes recorded 8 albums with Lou Reed (in whose band he played from 1975 to 1980), with Everyman Band, Nelson Slater, Bernard Szajner, and Jacques Heigelin. Locally, he performs with dancer/filmmaker/performance artist Pooh Kaye, and performed in her 2011 dance piece created at the WKC called “Garden Tails.”

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