Breaking interspecies news: Clementine, or Clemie as she is known to her good friends, is happily back in loving human care. Shandaken's most-wanted dog is resting comfortably with friends now after over a week spent lost in and out of the woods near Phoenicia and points further west.

Fear had been mounting over her well-being after what had been daily sightings of Clementine for almost a week tapered off to none a couple of days ago. Then she was seen twice last night on Broad Street Hollow Road in Shandaken, and again earlier today near the Copperhood Spa.

A woman who made one of those sightings of Clementine went back out looking for her today with her own sweet canine companion. After spotting Clemie seeking shelter from the rain below a tree, she let her own dog out to greet and calm the long-missing and shy pooch, and that is what finally did the trick. With her new doggie friend by her side, Clementine allowed herself to be taken to the car and to safety.

Clemie is favoring a paw and has a few minor scratches but otherwise seems fine. Later today she will be seen by a vet to better appraise her current health. Dozens of Shandaken residents took an active part in the efforts to find Clementine, and all are greatly relieved that those efforts have now finally succeeded.

Tom Rinaldo writes the Dispatches from Shandaken column for the Watershed Post's Shandaken page three times a week. Email Tom at [email protected].