Help Find This Missing Dog!

Dispatch from Shandaken #3: This is not a test. This is the real thing. Clementine is missing and probably is very scared, and her people, including two children, are worried sick over her. A $500 reward has been posted for her safe return.

This is also an example of how an online newspaper can be very useful in ways that normal print media cannot replicate. Above is the flyer being circulated now in the greater Phoenicia area to help bring Clementine home. You can help in two ways. Please keep an eye out for this shy and frightened dog, and also, if you can, print out a few copies of the flyer by downloading the picture above, and then distribute them yourself wherever you think it might help.  

I don't publish these dispatches everyday so please remember in the future that you can post lost dog notices in the Watershed Post yourself by using our announcement feature. (Click "Post an Announcement" in the top righthand corner of the Shandaken town page.)

Here is a short update on the information found in the flyer. Clemie has been loose since 6:00pm Thursday and was last seen in Phoenicia around 7:00am today. She has a weekend home in Woodland Valley, so she might be found in that area. Though she is shy, she must be hungry, and she does love to play, so those might be two ways to gain her trust. If you have seen Clementine, call Marilyn at 688-9741. Even a report on any more recent sightings of Clementine would be helpful to ongoing efforts to return her to her home.

Tom Rinaldo writes the Dispatches from Shandaken column for the Watershed Post's Shandaken page three times a week. Email Tom at [email protected].