Woodstock blogger Shouting Thomas takes a stroll past the vacant storefronts of Tinker Street -- and offers a cautionary rant against opening a cute little bead shop to solve your financial woes:

Why do so many people open shops in Woodstock and dump their life savings down the hole?

Well, once you've moved here, you're “Wood Stuck!” Great place to raise the kids. First rate public schools. No end to the hiking and bicycling spots. But... and this is a big but... no jobs, at least no jobs that pay decent money. Unless you're a school teacher, lawyer, nurse, doctor or policeman, you're sunk. You can try to hold onto that job in New York City, but that means commuting six hours a day on the Trailways bus. What kind of life is that?

Hey, it could be worse, Bead Shop Guy. You could have launched an experimental news outlet in Delaware County. Heh.