Shunned from prom, Constance McMillen gets party in Woodstock

Constance McMillen's hometown in Itawamba County, Mississippi may not have wanted her at their party, but Woodstock thinks she's a rock star. McMillen, who made national headlines earlier this year when her school canceled their prom rather than let her bring a female date, will be the guest of honor at the Bearsville Theatre on Friday, at a benefit concert featuring girl-group legend Ronnie Spector. Here's USA Today:

On Friday, McMillen will be the guest of honor at a benefit concert in Woodstock, N.Y., with Spector, best known for her hits with the Ronettes in the early 1960s.

The money raised will go toward McMillen's college education and the American Civil Liberties Union's Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender Project and AIDS Project.

Two days later, she will be in New York City as one of the grand marshals in the city's gay pride parade.

"I'll never get my senior year back," she said. "But the experiences that I have had because of this have really made it a lot easier. It has really helped me."

Oh, and drag comedian Murray Hill will emcee. Get your tickets now, people -- this should be quite the shindig.