The British are coming (we hope)

Truck, a three-day annual music fest that's been running in Britain since 1998, touched down on American soil last weekend for the first time. The venue: The Full Moon Resort in Big Indian.

Local music writer Tony Fletcher says he's "desperately hoping it will become an annual event":

There was, frankly, too much music to go round, and just about all of it had something to recommend it. Kudos to the Bennetts for bringing their event across the Ocean, to their American partners for corralling the acts and some sort of crowd, and to the Full Moon for providing such a lovely location. From little seeds do saplings grow. Come back next year guys – and shout it from the rooftops. The Catskills could do with you.

Cheers to that. Between this and All Tomorrow's Parties, the music fest scene around here is looking juicier every year.