Moderation Makes Maple Flavored Magic

Above: Margaretville syrupmaker Mike Porter in his sugar house. 

By Ryan Trapani, Catskill Forest Association

Many of us are aware of winos. I’m not talking about complainers, but those whose palates are well- acquainted with an assortment of grape-wines. They don’t just gulp it down to catch a quick buzz. Ice cubes clinking in your glass of red wine will surely raise an eyebrow with these winy patrons; perhaps even a scowl. Sure, they’ll pour you a glass of wine, but you’ll first have to wait for it. You’ll hear a long story half in French, and the other that assumes you're about to attend a feast for a king. Now that your wine has been given time to breathe, you can finally forget the French and missed salmon dinner with mango salsa by drowning in yeast excrement, or better known as alcohol. Behind each wine’s taste are claimed associations with a plethora of environmental conditions, weather patterns, climate, yeast, and some other magic-making. All I can say, is that wine tends to be better – and the same – by the second or third glass.  Read more

This weekend: Fish stories at Spillian

Image provided by Spillian. 

What do fly fisherman do when trout season is a month away and the temperatures are still deep-freeze cold? At this time of year, reminiscing fondly about being thigh-high in a Catskills stream is about as close to fishing as you can get.

This Sunday, March 1, a group of consummate Catskills anglers with over 100 years of fly fishing experience between them is gathering at the Spillian resort in Fleischmanns to tell "Trout Tales." 

From the press release:

A not-to-be-missed historic opportunity to sit around the table as some of the living legends of fly fishing join us in an evening of anecdotes, recollections and reminiscences of friendships and time spent with legendary names like Art Flick, Frank Mele, the Darbees and the Dettes, Herman Christiansen, and others -- of the great fish and the great streams from the birthplace of American fly-fishing, the Catskills Mountains.  Read more

Health and Safety - Post Week of 2/23/15

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Wednesday Night’s Show: Catskill Trees with Gary Mead – Tulip Poplar

CFA-On-The-Air: From the Forest
Wednesdays 6PM – 7PM
WIOX ROXBURY 91.3FM or www.wioxradio.org

Every 3rd Wednesday we talk to Gary Mead about a different tree found in or near the Catskill Mountains. Every tree is different, and there is always something unique & special we find out about it. Tonight we’ll be discussing the TULIP POPLAR tree. Tulip poplar – also known as yellow poplar – is a rarity in the Catskills. However as one travels down the line on state route 28 towards the Hudson Valley, it can be seen growing in nutrient-rich hollows, cloves, or coves, depending on your classification of such. Tulip poplar is our straightest growing hardwood, has unforgettable flowers and deep green and unusual cleft-shaped leaves; a beautiful southerner amongst our northern hardwoods.  Read more

Making the best of the sub-zero temperatures

Above: Brian Olenych, fresh out of the sauna, is warm enough for anything in Arkville on Saturday, Feb. 14. Photos courtesy of Marcia Olenych.

This February is in the top five of the coldest Februarys on record, according to the National Weather Service in Binghamton. 

It's been single-digit temperatures all month, with killer wind chills on top.  Read more

Wednesday Night’s Show: Winter Wildlife

CFA-On-The-Air: From the Forest
Wednesday’s 6PM – 7PM
WIOX ROXBURY 91.3FM or www.wioxradio.org

On Wednesday night’s show (February 18th), From the Forest will be interviewing CFA’s Executive Director, Jim Water’s granddaughter – Summer. We’ll be discussing winter wildlife survival despite frigid temperatures and deep snow depths. Tune in at 91.3 FM or stream online @ www.wioxradio.org to learn more.

I’ll be honest, not too much for me. I don’t know about you, but I have a cold that just won’t go away, so the forest has been missing me (I hope) and I the forest. I have been shuffling firewood quite a bit into the stove. You know, no matter how much you do something every day, there is always some way it can be done better, even burning firewood: the way you stack it in, or how long you let it burn before damping down.

May the forest be with you,
Ryan Trapani
Education Forester  Read more

Margaretville Telephone Company

Margaretville Telephone Company was founded in 1916 and is proud to offer our "family of services" to our regional customers. We are no longer just the "phone company" and have expanded our services to keep everyone connected. High speed internet is available with our telephone and cable TV services. Customers can enjoy cable TV and unlimited direct calling in the US with our cable phone service.

At MTC we are as excited about the future as we are proud of the past. Over the years, the change in the way we do business has been nothing short of revolutionary. Consumers can make choices about communication services from options they never had before. We don't want you to choose us because we are the only alternative, we want you to choose us because we offer the best service.

Service from a local company that supports your community.

(845) 586-3311
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This Weekend: January February March guided audio walks

"All sounds are sharper in winter." That quote, attributed to famed 19th-century naturalist John Burroughs, is how arts writer Jennifer Kabat begins her hour-and-a-half-long guided audio walk through the winter landscape of the Catskills. 

It's part of a project that Kabat, along with her collaborators, New Zealand artist Kate Newby, curator Tim Saltarelli and writer Anna Moschovakis, are calling the "January February March."

The project is part podcast, part art installation and part snowy winter ramble through two Delaware County towns: Middletown, near the center of the Catskill Park, and Hobart, the home of a large oxycodone factory and the "Hobart Book Village."  Read more

This Weekend: Valentine's Day in the Catskills

Above: Snowmen in love in Roxbury promote Sunday's Hearts in the Hamlet event, via Facebook.

Just when we desperately need a celebration to take the edge off the cabin fever and the late-winter blahs, here it is Valentine’s Day. What could be lovelier? In the Catskills, love is something that’s celebrated year round, but this weekend it’s the star of the show. Come out and create and play and feast and dance. All events are happening on Valentine's Day itself -- Saturday, Feb. 14 -- unless otherwise indicated. 


The winners of the 2015 Catskills Food Guide Photo Contest

The 2015 Catskills Food Guide is out. Click here for more info. - Ed.

Each year, we ask readers of the Watershed Post and our Catskills Food Guide to send us their best photos of Catskills food and farms. This year, 32 photographers entered our 2015 Catskills Food Guide Photo Contest

Thanks to our contest sponsor, Peekamoose Restaurant & Tap Room in Big Indian, who generously awarded a $75 gift certificate to our grand prize winner. 

Thanks to everyone who entered. To see all of those great photos, click here

Grand Prize Winner   Read more

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