Speenburgh: "Possibility of scattered gas shortages" in Greene Co., but fresh deliveries are arriving soon

Jay Fink at WRIP 97.9FM in Greene County tells us this afternoon that Greene County's gas situation is improving, according to Wayne Speenburgh, the chairman of the Greene County Legislature. Speenburgh warns that there may be some "scattered shortages" over the next few days, but that there is no cause to panic. 

Yesterday, Greene County asked residents to conserve gas.

Here's Fink's email to us in full:

Wayne Speenburgh, Chairman of the Greene County Legislature, together with County Officials updated us on the gasoline situation here in Greene County. Gas stations in the county that reportedly ran out of fuel yesterday have received or are about to receive fresh deliveries. Chairman Speenburgh went on to point out that there is still a possibility of scattered shortages over the next few days as some gas stations may run out of one or more grades of gasoline, but these outages should be temporary as supplies begin to ease and downstate demand decreases. Mr. Speenburgh would like to thank everyone for conserving gas, and will continue to update county residents here on WRIP over the coming days.

The Watershed Post is tracking reports of outages at gas stations around the Catskills with a Twitter-powered #CatskillsGas widget. Click this link to see the most recent reports.

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