Levon Helm films a love letter to Ulster County

Levon Helm may be a national treasure, but here in the Catskills, we think of him as our own. The four-time Grammy-winning musician has called Woodstock home since the 1960s, and his famous "Midnight Ramble" sessions draw musicians and rock acolytes to the region from far and wide.

So when he says he loves Ulster County -- even for a promotional tourism video -- we believe him. In the latest video from Ulster County Tourism, Helm talks about why he loves these mountains.

"The people that you meet, when you come to Ulster County -- you can't beat 'em," Helm says, in a gravelly drawl. "And we've got some of the best swimming holes, natural swimming holes that were cut back into the side of the mountain, and the most beautiful little waterfalls right there, coming right down."

"There's something about Woodstock and about the Catskill Mountains right here. It's just -- it's such a good place for music to happen."