Occupy Catskills?

It looks like the fast-growing Occupy Wall Street movement will come to the Catskills on October 29. Above, a poster making the rounds on Facebook advertises a Delaware County protest planned for the last weekend of the month in Delhi. There's a meet-up group here as well, which shows that the Delhi protest so far only has two confirmed attendees. But these things have a way of mushrooming.

There's also an Occupy Oneonta protest planned for October 15.  

Know about another protest planned in the Catskills region? Let us know about it.

3:10pm update: An Occupy Wall Street-related protest happened yesterday at SUNY Sullivan in Loch Sheldrake, accoridng to the Times Herald-Record:

About 200 students gathered to rail against corporate greed and influence, the moribund job market and any further cuts in Pell Grants (the federal, need-based college education grant program).

The event was one of dozens staged on campuses nationwide, as a show of solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement, the weeks-long protest in New York City.

"We, the blue-collar people of this country, have to protect each other, not the rich," said Siobhan Fitzgibbon, a 19-year-old freshman from Brooklyn, one of the lead organizers.

Thanks to Sean P. Collins for the tip.