Margaretville: Upstater's Town of the Week

Photo of twee chainsaw bear in front of the Margaretville Freshtown by Lissa Harris.

This week, Upstater -- a new blog about real estate and rural life, for downstate folks with upstate inclinations-- takes a look at the Delaware County village of Margaretville. (The "town of the week," like many of the population centers around here, isn't really a town proper -- it's a village of Middletown.)

Writer Jennifer Kabat, who's been in town since 2006, waxes rhapsodic about Margaretville's mix of walkable streets and open space, the olive bar at the Freshtown, and the friendly neighbors. But living in town has its downsides:

All this nice-neighborliness comes at a cost: privacy. Everyone knows your business. We raise salad greens in our sunroom with grow lights in winter, and everyone suspects pot. Which is definitely grown around here but not by us. (It was arugula.)