A flash mob hits Delhi

Think flash mobs are only for city slickers? Think again. Close to 100 people, including a fireman and a waitress in uniform, blocked Main Street in Delhi yesterday to perform a dance routine to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO. (There are at least three YouTube videos up as of this morning. The one above has the best view of the fireman. This one has the best music. This one's just sweet.)

The stunt was timed to coincide with the Friday night Fair on the Square, and was organized by Raegan Reed, the owner of The Cardio Club, a local dance studio. According to a press release posted on WBNG's website, Reed has been plotting this mob for months with the help of a secret Facebook group:

Raegan choreographed the dance to Party Rock Anthem by LMFAO, videotaped herself performing the steps and created a SECRET facebook group so people could start learning. A practice session for all was held on Tuesday at our local American Legion. Despite the threat of rain showers, at 6:30pm, the music started and the dancing began. Over 100 dancers participated in the first flash mob in Delhi. Firemen, Police officers, musicians and more all hit the street in Delhi and DANCED their hearts out. It was inspiring to see a community come together and have a little FUN!

Our correspondent Jessica Vecchione was onhand (you can see her filming the dancers in one of the videos) and plans to have a report on the mob out soon. In the meantime, she somehow got her hands on a photo of the crowd taken from the top of a firetruck's ladder. We've posted that photo above.