Walton can't count

The accuracy of results in a four-way race for two Walton village trustee slots are being questioned, says the Daily Star.

When Walton Village Clerk Jody Brown tallied the votes, she announced that Patrick Meredith won election with 209 votes, and incumbent Richard Morley retained his office with 165 votes.

Also running were Andrew Rutherford, who garnered 149 votes, and incumbent George Ostrowski, who received 105 votes.

When the votes for all the candidates are totaled, the result is 628 votes, 70 votes too many.

Alas for Rutherford and Ostrowski, the Delaware County board of elections says it's too late to challenge the results. Neither town or county officials noticed that the figures didn't add up; the mistake was apparently spotted by a sharp-eyed village resident.

Even before the vote snafu, this election was already pretty action-packed, by Walton standards. Challengers Meredith and Rutherford are both college students looking to shake things up on the village board. Meredith, who apparently got the most votes in the election, is the younger brother of John Meredith, the late Walton village supervisor.