A tale of abandoned Catskills

Photographer Rusty Tagliareni is coming out with a book, he writes on LiveJournal, that will include some photographs of abandoned Catskills resorts. Yesterday, he posted a some images of one of the resorts, along with some tantalizing commentary:

The following is about a once-grand Catskills resort, reduced to nothing more than a brittle husk. It's form held together by nostalgia alone...
People may indeed know what the proper name of this place is, but I ask them to please respect my choice to not include it in my post.

Excerpt from my book:
"So it is that this place, once among the crown jewels of the region, is empty.
A few short decades ago, its popularity justified building an airstrip on the grounds so travelers could fly directly to the resort.
That same airstrip is now little more than a meadow, its shattered tarmac home to thick vegetation

Click the link above to see Tagliareni's images. But you get can a flavor for the mystery resort by watching the above YouTube video posted by Tagliareni and co-videographer Christina Mathews. (It's no Nevele Resort commercial, but really, nothing is.)

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