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Catskills casinos threatened by Orange County rivals

Above: The Nevele resort in Ellenville, one of several Catskills sites jockeying for a casino. Photo by June NY and shared in the Watershed Post Flickr pool

Would-be Catskills casino operators in Sullivan and Ulster county got a nasty shock last month: They've got rivals further south who might knock them out of the running in the contest for new casino licenses in New York state.

The New York State Gaming Commission is expected to put out a call for casino applications this month. One or two of the winning projects, which will be announced in the fall, are slated for the Catskills.   Read more

It's official: The Nevele ain't what it used to be

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Adam Bosch of the Times Herald-Record reports that the disintegrating Nevele Grande, once the pride and joy of the Borscht Belt, has just had its tax assessment cut by two-thirds:

The 433-room hotel had been valued at $15 million, but town assessor Mike Sommer said the assessment no longer made sense. After touring the hotel and studying appraisals, Sommer cut its value to $5 million on his tentative tax roll May 1.

"I did my due diligence and said I can't justify a $15 million assessment, especially because of the condition of the hotel," Sommer said on Friday.

Naturally, this means the town of Wawarsing is going to be getting a lot less in tax revenue from the ailing property's owner, Mitchell Wolff, who's trying to sell the Nevele.

Still making the rounds on YouTube, to our delight, is the catchy TV jingle used to lure vacationing families to the Nevele in the '80s (posted above):  Read more

A tale of abandoned Catskills

Photographer Rusty Tagliareni is coming out with a book, he writes on LiveJournal, that will include some photographs of abandoned Catskills resorts. Yesterday, he posted a some images of one of the resorts, along with some tantalizing commentary:  Read more

Nevele bought at auction

Ellenville's floundering, decrepit, once-glittery Nevele Grande Resort has been sold. Finally.

Brooklyn builder Raphael Weiss of Tricon Development partnered with the Giluet Foundation is in contract to buy the resort from the Stratford Business Corporation. Sources estimate the price at around $20 million.

The Times Herald-Record has a little more on Weiss's plans (which, mercifully, don't involve casino gambling):

"The Nevele will be a class A resort with at least 500 people working there," said Rafi Weiss, president of Tricon Development, the group that plans to buy the storied resort. "It will have world-class amenities, just like the good old days."  Read more

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