Remembering Dietrich Werner

Steven Schimmrich, writing at Hudson Valley Geologist, remembers Rosendale's Dietrich Werner, who died in December.

What affected me the most about Dietrich's death was that the week he died I was working on a project having to do with the Rosendale Cement industry and I was thinking of calling him the following week to get together to discuss it.  He knew more about this topic than anyone I know.  Researching local history was a labor of love for him and a lot of local knowledge passed away when he did.

Shortly after Werner's death, Ulster Logic published a tribute written by state assemblyman Kevin Cahill.

I'm not sure when Dietrich became a Rosendale police commissioner, but many of us took great comfort that someone from the counter culture could assume such a position of responsibility. For me, it affirmed my faith in our legal system.